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            The Leggett and Platt ShipShape Adjustable Base is an affordable entry level model built with quality in mind. Full head and foot control with zero gravity position option. The ShipShape features an ultra-lite, felxible design that allows you to customize your comfort with multi-position settings. Leggett and Platt builds their adjustable bases with durability and lifespan built in. The Ship-Shape system that we offer provides a full range of articulating motion for both head and foot zones. Why not modernize the piece of furniture you use the most…your bed! If you read, work, watch TV, and even sleeping in your bed, it will transform your mattress so you get more out of night and day.

            Product Details

            ShipShape™ is the ultra-lite flexible power base that allows you to customize your mattress sets. Modernize the most used piece of furniture, while rejuvenating your life. Transform your flat mattress to get more from your night AND day! Personalize the way you live in bed; read, work, watch TV, eat…even sleep! Rediscover wellness and bedroom activity.

            A unique Leggett and Platt product, this bed is a standard adjustable bed installed with high-end features. Apart from the revolutionising ShipShape design and whisper quiet motors, the base is also customizable to various levels of comfort such as to watch TV, sleep, meditate or even have a family naptime on the weekend. The product comes with complete factory assembly and has many unique features like free shipping and exclusive tutorial DVDs apart from its efficient shipping and packaging.

            This neat accessory makes tilting the head or foot section as easy as the touch of a button, with simple Up and Down buttons for the corresponding adjustable sections. What this means is you could easily wake up in the middle of night in the dark and effortlessly adjust the bed by instinctively touching the correct button off of the wired remote control. The packaging of the ShipShape adjustable base includes the remote controller’s cable, which attaches the remote control to a dual DC motor.

            ShipShape Base

            This adjustable base is renowned for its exclusive angular support apt for spine alignment, relieving joint stiffness and sleep posture problems. While the base offers comfort that is customizable, it is programmed to suit the best for the user as well. The product is designed efficiently for flexible flat or levelled, zero gravity and recline positioning.The high-end base blends with any therapeutic position to enhance a person’s sleep and resting posture while on the bed. The base provides for Multi-Range Head and Foot Elevations. It is also USB Shippable, and hence a sought-after portable choice bed too.

            Wired Remote Control

            The wired remote control has pushback buttons for the user’s ease of action and provides individual controlling of the multiple positioning functions of the bed from a comfortable distance. The wired feature of the remote prevents losing or misplacing it. The remote control can also be upgraded in the future to suit better wireless preferences too. As the bed frame is remote-controlled, it provides a customized sense of comfort to the user.

            Whisper-Quiet Motor

            These motors are designed specially to function at all times in whisper quiet decibels. As the motors are mute, any function even in the middle of the night can be effortlessly carried-out without disturbing your partner on the same bed. These motors also have emergency backup into flat positioning in 30 minutes for urgent situations like in the case of a power off. The DC Motors suit best to all interiors and provides the best resting ambience unlike AC wired motors that add to noise-making hile in action.


            • Motor: Whisper Quiet (DC) with a lift capacity of 450 lbs.
            • Remote Control: Attached to the base is a wired remote control with a simplified touch key configuration.
            • Dual Wheel Locking Casters, for increased stability and ease of moving, even with the mattress
            • Free-fall gravity design
            • The ShipShape’s ultra-lite construction gives you a choice of fast, reliable delivery options including Front door delivery (Free) or White-Glove ($99)
            • Available accessory option -Variable-height option
            • Available accessory option -Headboard brackets
            • Height of base from floor to top of platform is 16-inches
            • CSA certified to both UL and CSA applicable electric motor standards

            Benefits of the Product

            • Personalized Sleep and rest: As the equipment has a flexible frame and preset angles of sleep and rest, it is easy for a user to correct his or her sleep posture through prolonged use of the product, on his or her own.
            • Sans Noise Pollution: As the product is enabled with DC whisper quiet motors, there is absolutely no noise pollution or disturbance that can be of discomfort in your precious moments of rest.
            • Works just as described: An added benefit of the product is that it works just as effortless as described in the advertisements. There is a tutorial DVD provided with the product to aid the customer as well. Apart from that, Leggett and Platt being the one-stop shoppe for adjustable beds are avaialbel 24×7 for troubleshooting options.
            • Ultra-Lite Construction: Unlike most adjustable beds, this product is constructed ultra-lite increases efficiency in portability.
            • 20 Year Limited Warranty: Mattresses usually have a life span of ten years and as Leggett and Platt provides a 20-Year Warranty on this product, one can definitely say, that this bed is worth every penny.

            More Details about the Product

            The ShipShape base is design to resolve shipping problems and accelerate the time taken for the same. The base has been proved one of the best bases that conform to the contours of body’s organic curves and lines. Furthermore, it also helps to correct the twisted postures of the users. The ultra flexible base is strong and sturdy to acquaint with most types of day and night use and hence is estimated durable, additional to the 20-Year Warranty. Apart from sleep posture corrections, the product also elevates head and foot at even levels to provide for therapeutic benefits of somnipathy and many backaches. As the high-end technology of the L&P product is advance, the whisper quiet motor work in silence and offers a strict peace of mind, regardless of the time. Moreover, the assembly of the product is easy as there is negligible work fit for a single person required.

            The key adjustable features of the ShipShape adjustable base include the head tilting and foot tilting variable positions. You have at least an infinite possibility of bed positions you can adjust the ShipShape to, with a total of 45 degrees in foot section tilting, and a whooping 60 degress in head section tilting.

            Variable bed height positions are also very possible with the ShipShape adjustable base and this is particularly by use of the accessories kit which features various leg height options for 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch legs in sets of four.

            The recommended total lifting capacity of the Leggett and Platt ShipShape adjustable base is 450 pounds (or 204 kg). Therefore, you can comfortably lift the adjustable sections as long as that weight has not been exceeded, then you do not risk damaging the lifting motor, which powers that functionality.

            Price and details

            The price of the product is $640.84 and the dimension is 62 x 33 x 9 inches

            Leggett And Platt ShipShape Adjustable Base Review

            The Leggett and Platt ShipShape adjustable bed comes complete with the accompanying bed frame packaged together with the bed base. For a decent fair price on the lower end of the market range, the ShipShape adjustable base surely does make the cut clean and fair, it doesn’t promise sophisticated luxury like the higher end brands for which you’d equally have to pay much more, but it does transform your bedroom comfort, one degree at a time.

            The lack of the ‘Wallhugger’ feature that makes us discourage you from buying a ShipShape. Beds without the Wallhugger feature move away from the headboard and the night stand when you assume a ‘sitting position’. The problem with that is that if you want to get something on your nightstand, you are going to have to reach back awkwardly.

            However, to get detail knowledge about the product it is better to check out the product details and overall customer review.


            Leggett and Platt ShipShape Adjustable Queen Base has technologies that not only meets the ends, but also resolves the future issues. It is perfect for people with spine alignment troubles and back problems.

            Therefore, ShipShape™ is the ultra-lite flexible power base that allows you to customize your mattress sets. Modernize the most used piece of furniture, while rejuvenating your life. Transform your flat mattress to get more from your night AND day! Personalize the way you live in bed; read, work, watch TV, eat…even sleep! Rediscover wellness and bedroom activity.

            I hope this review would help you decide on what brand to settle for when it comes to mattress.