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            For some people, the invention of electric adjustable beds is the best thing since sliced bread for more reasons than one. More than just a traditional flat sleep surface, these can transform and take shape into something much cleverer than the standard bed frame we are all so used to using. Unlike ten years ago, today in 2017 most of the adjustable bed’s prices have been driven down and are now much more affordable. Additionally, with the ease of online shopping, they are much more accessible too, which in turn has led to an increase in the number of them found in the everyday household across the world.

            Product Details

            An Adjustable Bed is Known by many different names such as a zero gravity bed, reclining, electric, or hospital beds for home use, in the simplest form, an electric adjustable bed is one that can have the sleep surface (or mattress) elevated and adjusted by using mains powered controls to better suit the desired position. The surface can be elevated at either the upper body are (to sit upright) or lower body area (to raise legs), or both at the same time if you wish (to create a zero gravity effect). The motion is normally controlled by a hidden electric powered hydraulic motor.

            The Primo Fleet bed is a specifically designated standard Adjustable with high-end features. Owing to its two powerful dual motors, the frame adjusts to multiple positions and works almost like whisper-quiet luxury beds. It is therapeutic, requires no assembly and has a reliable line of customer service to help troubleshoot any problem with the product.

            Additional Features

            1. Dual Motors: This Primo bed is a multi-functional adjustable bed with dual motors. The electrically accelerated motors gradually attain speed to provide separate adjustments to the head and foot at the same time, unlike head-only/ foot-only motors.– As the motors are two in quanta, occupants of the bed can separately allot functions for the individual comfort of sleep. It also provides for a basic therapeutic vibration on the bed. The efficient motor permits effortless lifting and downing of the user, in silence. This helps users to fall deeper into REM sleep easily, correct their sleep posture and heal somnipathies.
            2. Push-button remote control: The remote is wired and has push-buttons to increase the convenience of use even mid-sleep! The standard push-button remote has controls to elevate the feet, head and maintain the zero gravity position.– This high-end design also lets you program the favourite angles of your new adjustable bed. The remote electronically sets and improvises the desired elevations of the feet and head in one click, relevant to the sleeper.
            3. Twin XL Separate Controls: Both the Twin XL split beds can be controlled separately to fit apt elevations using the remote. This also lets the sleepers have a certain degree of freedom that lets them control their foot and head elevations without having to sacrifice their favourite spots. As the bed is multi-functional, it can be customised to suit any sleep posture to relieve discomforts of the lower back and relieve its pain as well. This also lets the user achieve positions like reclining, sitting or laying down.
            4. One-man Assembling: Unlike most adjustable beds, this product requires effortless setup or negligible assembling. As the package arrives one-piece, all that is required to be done is- plug the legs into the frame and connect the chord to the plug-point. This also cuts the need of an extra person or handyman when the delivery. Whenever you decide to shift, it is guaranteed that the uninstallation and reinstallation processes of this bed will be effortless.
            5. Multi-positioning: The Fleet adjustability of the bed makes it a perfect example of a bed that can be positioned in variant forms. As the body contours well to the bed, it relieves minor tension in the muscles that are sore while asleep to increase blood circulation and oedema in limbs.

            This design of bed also helps in controlling the normal acid reflux of the body.

            Benefits of Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed, Twin XL

            1. Reliable Warranty: This affordable adjustable bed is highly reliable as it has a 2-year warranty added to the diverse features.
            2. Quietness in Action: The dual motor functions quietly when active and hence can be operated individually in peace, by the bed’s occupants.
            3. Compatibility: As the Twin XL Primo bed has universally equivalent dimensions, it is compatible with most Twin XL mattresses.
            4. Portable: As the product requires very little installation knowledge or time, the product requires little or no assembly and is beneficial while shifting/ migrating.
            5. Therapeutic: The bed is designed to provide relief to the strained muscles, tendons and ligaments such that a healthy sleep posture (aptly elevated head and foot) is maintained for therapeutic benefits.

            Price and details

            The price of the product is $497.49 and the dimension is 80 x 38 x 11 inches.

            Product Review

            This may be the most basic, and from a not so famous household name brand as either of the above, though it is still worthy of our 5 best picks. Only available in a twin xl size, the bed can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds, which is plenty suffice for one person. The 2 separate motors independently action the foot and head adjustments via the easy to use wired remote control, so can easily be used by elders and kids, without fear of misplacing either. There is no casters or mechanism for moving the bed easily, but is still somewhat easy to move around when required. Considering it does not have the ability to attach rails or headboard, (it is literally an electric adjustable bed frame) there is not much else can be expected from this basic option, however, combined with a good mattress (not supplied) this can easily become a very valuable purchase for many years to come.

            However, to have detail knowledge about the product it is better to check out the product detail.

            More Details about the product

            The product is easy to setup and works just as described in the tutorial manual that comes with it. Hence, it requires no professional supervision to install. As the product is a Chinese import of an innovative popular design, it is of high demand and appropriately priced affordable. The healing effects of the adjustable bed frame correct the wrong sleeping posture and provide the user with a comfortable sleep. The quiet operation of the motor also gives a sense of unlimited freedom to the users.

            Instructions and Precautions

            • To reduce the risk of electric shock. Always unplug this furnishing from the electrical outlet before cleaning.
            • To avoid injury, children or pets should not be allowed to play under or on the base. Children should not operate this base without adult supervision.
            • Connect the furnishing to properly grounded outlet only. Improper connection of the equipment-grounding can result in a risk of electric shock.
            • This base is designed for in-home use only. It is not approved for hospital use and does not comply with hospital standards. Do not use this base with tent type oxygen therapy equipment, or use near explosive gasses.


            As the functions of this adjustable mattress are peaceful even while dauntingly raising and lowering of the bed, it is the ideal bed for any bedroom. Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed is ideal for persons with oedema, blood circulation trouble and sleep cycle issues. Prolonged use of this adjustable bed has proved therapeutic to many and relaxing to others. After all having a good rest is no longer a lifestyle but a necessity in today’s busy world. The system is not as expensive as other options, and the customer reviews indicate that most people are satisfied with what it has to offer.