Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Review

Reverie 7S

Reverie 7S

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            Product Details:

            A comfort base is the newest technology in bedding and a lifestyle choice. Reverie offers a wide range of electric adjustable bed frames and custom adjustable mattresses. It is a luxury adjustable mattress bed. The Reverie 7S Adjustable bed is a Bluetooth- enabled highly advanced adjustable bed that provides accurate positioning of the human body to rest, sit or meditate in. The product ideally corrects the sleep posture, relieves the lumbar muscles off its pains, aligns the spine right especially for back sleepers and provides progressive therapy the fatal sleep apnea and one of its symptoms- snoring. Reverie also offers a white glove delivery system, where a team will deliver and assemble the bed in your home, a really nice feature since many adjustable beds can be a rather complex install

            The Reverie-7S- Manufacturers of TempurPedic Tempur-Ergo Adjustable Bases are constructed with durable steel and corner retainer bars that keep the mattress conformed to the foundation in any position. Fine upholstery covers the steel whether the foundation is raised or flat, giving the bed a polished look that fits both modern and classic furniture tastes. Control it from your mobile device. (With optional mFi) the module allows a base to be controlled with a remote app on iPad/iPhone/iPod or Android devices.


            Bluetooth Controls: An alternative feature that of Bluetooth for mFi or Mobile Modules is that the bed can be navigated with any Bluetooth-enabled devices like a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The controls are provided through an app that gives the user, individual controls of the bed, independent of the remotes.  The app is provided along with the purchase and is free of cost. The Bluetooth device gives all controls of the bed as on the remote and sets a higher accessibility.

            10 Different Intensities for massages

            The massage feature on this exclusive Reverie product is ingenious such that it has customizable intensities with a unique massaging option. An added benefit is that the occupants of the bed can also use this feature individually through the Bluetooth device as well. The massages can be simultaneously used for your head and foot or head-only/ foot-only. The massages can be customised to suit any intensity as desired by the user. One can choose relaxing massages from ten different intensities for therapy or meditation on this bed! One can even choose to wake up with a gentle lift of the head or massage to wake up.

            Two-Programmable on Wireless Remote:

            The Wirefree remote holds two memory Presets for storing the angles of your favourite relaxing/ sleeping posture. It also provides enhanced lumbar support, spine adjustment, and relief for pressure. The two presets are functions are Anti Snore and Zero Gravity buttons. The former aides the sleeper in raising his or her head, to open the blocked upper airways, which adds to snoring and diverse other somnipathies while the latter, simulates Zero gravity or weightlessness to correct or relieve strained posture.

            Supreme (S) Base

            Reverie sleep system is inclusive of a mattress that exceptionally blends to the personal preferences of a user, his or her bedroom, and its interiors. This provides medium firmness to the mattress and nullifies the pressure on the body. The supreme S model base is designed to aid different position of flatness, sprawl, and repose.
            The design is renowned for its pressure-relieving properties that fit best with the natural curves of the human body.

            Whisper quiet Motor:

            As the motors in Reverie adjustable beds are designed for enhanced sleep, they are flawlessly quiet and negotiate with nothing to give a peace of mind to its user. With this motor, whenever you activate the massage function/ raising/ lowering, even if it is in the middle of the night, you can be sure that your partner will not be disturbed.

            All Size Accessories :

            As the bed is available in various sizes like Twin XL, Queen, Split-King and Split-California King, accessorizing with this popular Reverie sleep system is effortless. Whenever you feel like a new DIY idea to displace and renew something in your Sleep System, seek Reverie customer service officials, as they can guide you apply through right choices.

            Benefits of Reverie 7s adjustable bed:

            • High-End Technology : The multi-positioning feature on the adjustable bed is exemplary such that one can now recline in front of TV, meditate, rest or sleep on a healing bed that massages as well as memories your selections.
            • Steel and Retainer Bars: As the bases are constructed sturdy with cornered retainer bars, which prevents the mattress from slipping or sliding off the foundation.
            • Effortless Assembly: The mattress is sent in straightforward-assembly pieces such that negligible assembly is required. With its Proprietary steel assembly foundation, all that the buyer has to do is fix the corner pieces correctly and spin the legs into motion
            • Relieves Sleep Cycle Issues: As the product is well recommended for lower back pain, body stiffness and for people with sleep cycle issues, prolonged use of the sleep system will surely relieve and correct sleep cycle issues.

            Price and details of the product:

            The price of the product is $2,793.11 and its dimension is 80 x 76 x 15 inches.

            Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Review:

            The adjustable bed is compatible to exclusive mattresses. As the product is made of durable steel and comes with an ironclad 20-Year Warranty, it is a highly reliable product. It is designed for apt spinal adjustment, rest and contour, it is therapeutic to people with excruciating backaches, fatigue, and snoring as well as body stiffness. The Bluetooth feature enabled in the product can help you set your favourite sleep, sit and recline positions and activate them to full throttle silently.

            The overall customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon but few customers have complained as the product is high-end, it is hefty.

            More details about the product:

            The Head and foot can be elevated to virtually any angle 850LBS weight capacity and the wireless remote control features 2 programmable memory positions PLUS zero gravity preset and anti snore button. As the bed has Massage feature with 10 different intensity levels it is highly beneficiary for people with excruciating backaches. Wake up with a gentle massage and/or by having your head lifted via the alarm function on the app. Reverie Bed Group also provides ‘101 nights of free trial’ of the sleep system within your home before confirmation of purchase.

            The 7s adjustable foundation uses RF (Radio Frequency) remote control. The product is used for standard 120-volt circuit and has a grounding plug. The upholstery ideally covers the steel regardless of the position of the bed.

            The high reliability of Reverie sleep system is such that it provides a 20-Year limited warranty to help you troubleshoot any problems and resolve it conveniently.

            Instructions and Precautions:

            • To reduce the risk of electric shock. Always unplug this furnishing from the electrical outlet before cleaning.
            • Close supervision is needed when this furnishing is used by or near children or disabled persons.
            • Never operate this furnishing if it has a damaged cord or a plug or if it is not working properly, dropped or damage.
            • Connect the furnishing to properly grounded outlet only. Improper connection of the equipment-grounding can result in a risk of electric shock.
            • Do not sit in the head and foot section while in the rest position.
            • If there is an overload weight condition on the head or foot mechanism, the control unit will automatically stop all functions. Once the excess weight is removing the system will automatically resume after 30 seconds.
            • If the massage motors are continuously used for 30 minutes period it will shut down automatically.


            Reverie is a luxury adjustable mattress bed that raises a person’s lower or upper body for improved comfort and support.  Reverie is an expensive product and definitely, comes in at the high end of the market in terms of price. It is definitely a great product and is not as appreciated as it should be because they don’t have the marketing prowess of other mattress companies. Most of the customers like the Bluetooth feature which is easy to install and now even android phones can control the bed beyond the controller that came with the bed and even works smoothly with the provided remote. For alarm clock to work though, the app has to stay active on the phone to send a signal at alarm time.  The biggest con is certainly the price – in the case of Reverie, if you want a quality product, you are definitely going to pay for it.

            But this bed is a perfect blend of comfort and world class engineering. The way the bed raises and lowers in silence, regardless of the function or time that allows you to put your mattress in the different position is improving your quality of sleep dramatically. Hence I would suggest this product is best in order to get your ideal sleeping experience.