Review of Top 10 Adjustable Beds You Can Buy Online

Your question: Which is the best adjustable bed in the current marketplace?

Our answer: Like most things in life, the adjustable bed that suits me best, may not be the one that suits you most. That’s why we have chosen and compared the Top 10 Best adjustable beds that you can buy online, Please read the article to find out the best suitable adjustable bed for you and your family.

1. Sealy Ease Adjustable Base:

Sealy is one of the top bedding manufacturers best known for the Posturepedic. Posturepedic Technology—developed with the help of orthopedic specialists—delivers reinforced support where you need it most.

The Sealy Ease Adjustable Base is the simple way to turn your bed into the perfect place to relax. The wireless remote controls the head and leg lift, for virtually unlimited range of ergonomic positions. Support yourself in your ideal position to read, watch TV, or fall asleep in perfect comfort.  The Sealy Ease is able to move into virtually unlimited positions for your comfort and the wireless remote allows you to lift your head and feet or both. It is able to raise the head up to 60-degrees and the legs can be raised to 50-degrees from the flat position. Adjust head and foot (separately) with virtually unlimited ergonomic positions while controlling all functions from a user-friendly wireless remote control. Return to your flat position with one simple press of a button.

2. Amerisleep Adjustable Bed:

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is specifically designed to work with our mattresses. If you’re looking to upgrade to an adjustable bed, Amerisleep Adjustable Bed will allow you to relax in any position. Your perfect sleeping position will be easier than ever to find every night. It gives pleasure, from making TV viewing and reading cozier to alleviating back pain, snoring and other issues. Simply pressing a preset button will position your body into a virtually weightless state. Resting in a zero gravity position reduces tension and fatigue and alleviates strain on your lower back and legs. This base offers a very sleek and modern look with a full range of features including pillow tilt, wireless remotes, app controls, under-bed lighting, and massagers.

This product is best in order to get your ideal sleeping experience.

3. DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett & Platt:

Dynasty Mattress is a mattress manufacturing company with experience in dealing with high-quality memory foam mattresses. Leggett and Platt are the premier manufacturer of adjustable beds. The combination of the Dynasty mattress and the Leggett & Platt bases is one of the best adjustable bed systems in the market.

With the touch of a button on the wireless remote, you can adjust your therapeutic bed into hundreds of relaxing positions. The technologically advanced wireless remote control stands on its own, so you can place it on your nightstand for easy access.  The patented Wallhugger® design keeps you close to your nightstand while providing support to your head, neck, and shoulders in a head-up position. Upper and lower body massage and wave massage are included for added relaxation and stress relief. S-Cape comes with two units and is controlled independently by separate remotes, 4″ Legs with casters. This adjustable bed is stronger and more durable than the competition. Adjustable base and Mattress are shipped separately. Mattresses have been vacuum packed in original packaging. The mattress will conform to its proper size within 1-2 hours.

The system is not as expensive as other options, and the customer reviews indicate that most people are satisfied with what it has to offer. Moreover, this particular model will definitely not leave you cold or your legs hanging outside of the covers because you are feeling too warm.

4. Tempur-Ergo Premier Adjustable Base:

The Tempur- Ergo Premier Adjustable Base is the remote control massaging bed with unlimited ergonomic rest positions. Control the comfort of your bed with the new wireless remote or even with your phone. Store up to 4 memory positions for quick and easy position adjustments. Create a place of true renewal and make your mattress a massaging bed for ultimate relaxation with the Ergo Premier Adjustable bed base. Bases are purposefully built to slightly smaller dimensions than the corresponding mattresses they support to ensure compatibility with bedroom furniture.

Tempur material responds to your body’s temperature, weight, and shape for truly personalized comfort and support. As it conforms to your body, Tempur material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake. Therefore, most people are satisfied with the adjustable base.

5. Classic Brands Queen Adjustable Comfort Bed Base:

Classic Brands is dedicated to manufacturing the finest mattresses using craftsmanship, innovative design and premium materials sourced around the world. The Adjustable Comfort Bed Base includes a wireless remote with preset positions that automatically adjust to meet your comfort needs. The bed base has a sleek and contemporary design while providing perfect support for the mattress so it does not slip. This bed frame works great with memory foam and latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly spring mattresses. This bed base is most suitable for watching TV, reading, or working on your computer. People suffering from diseases like sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD would also benefit from an adjustable bed base.

The Adjustable Comfort Bed Base with Wireless Remote, USB Port and Massage is a perfect choice for your master bedroom. Thus, it comes with incredible features at an affordable price.

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6. The Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed:

The Reverie 7S Adjustable bed is a Bluetooth- enabled highly advanced adjustable bed that provides accurate positioning of the human body to rest, sit or meditate in. The product ideally corrects the sleep posture, relieves the lumbar muscles off its pains, aligns the spine right especially for back sleepers and provides progressive therapy the fatal sleep apnea and one of its symptoms- snoring. Reverie also offers a white glove delivery system, where a team will deliver and assemble the bed in your home, a really nice feature since many adjustable beds can be a rather complex install.

Reverie is a luxury adjustable mattress bed that raises a person’s lower or upper body for improved comfort and support. This bed is a perfect blend of comfort and world class engineering.

7. Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable:

The completely redesigned Prodigy 2.0 adjustable base features the all-new MicroHook™ retention system that keeps mattresses from slipping, eliminating the need for mattress retainer bars. The industry-first capacitive-touch remote and an exclusive app for Apple and Android devices let you adjust your bed to the most comfortable position effortlessly. The Prodigy 2 adjustable base comes with the industry’s first capacitive touch remote control. The remote offers many features including programmable positions and a snore button.

The completely redesigned Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed base features the all-new MicroHook™ retention system that keeps mattresses from slipping, eliminating the need for mattress retainer bars. Therefore, Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed base is ideal for a truly comfortable night’s rest and will give you the best night sleep.

8. Reverie 8Q Adjustable Power Foundation King:

The Reverie 8Q Power Foundation, a custom adjustable bed frame that allows the head, feet, and knees to be positioned at virtually any angle for maximum comfort. The 8Q is a premium adjustable foundation, featuring charcoal grey upholstery, Bluetooth Smart connectivity allowing you to control the bed with your mobile device, and a nightlight feature. Raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button to find your most comfortable sleeping or resting position.

When you purchase the 8Q™ as part of the Reverie Dream Supreme™ Sleep System, you get the best in customised comfort—a DreamCell™ mattress that is customised for you today and customizable as your sleep preferences change in the future and the adjustability of the 8Q adjustable foundation.

Thus, we believe the Reverie 8Q Power Foundation is a great platform that can sensibly improve the sleeping conditions of anybody, as long that a proper mattress is combined with it.

9. Leggett and Platt ShipShape Adjustable Queen Base:

ShipShape™ is the ultra-lite flexible power base that allows you to customize your mattress sets. Modernize the most used piece of furniture, while rejuvenating your life. Transform your flat mattress to get more from your night and day. Personalize the way you live in bed; read, work, watch TV, eat…even sleep! Rediscover wellness and bedroom activity. This neat accessory makes tilting the head or foot section as easy as the touch of a button, with simple Up and Down buttons for the corresponding adjustable sections. What this means is you could easily wake up in the middle of night in the dark and effortlessly adjust the bed by instinctively touching the correct button off of the wired remote control. The packaging of the ShipShape adjustable base includes the remote controller’s cable, which attaches the remote control to a dual DC motor.

Leggett and Platt ShipShape Adjustable Queen Base has technologies that not only meets the ends but also resolves the future issues. It is perfect for people with spine alignment troubles and back problems.

10. Serta Adjustable Foundation:

Experience the difference of a customizable bedroom experience with an adjustable foundation from the Serta motion collection. Ease your back, neck and shoulder pain by elevating your head and feet can help alleviate pressure on your lower back, allowing your muscles to relax after a long day. Because your muscles do not have to work through the night, you can wake up more relaxed and with less pain. Elevating your head and feet can also help to increase blood flow to your muscles. This can help reduce tossing and turning and can lead to a deeper, more restful sleep. Reduce acid reflux by slightly raising your head can also help reduce uncomfortable acid reflux, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. With an adjustable foundation, you can adjust the position of your head to help open up airways and help reduce snoring.

It is a multi-featured, therapeutic bed with remote-controlled modern technology. It is not only ideal, but also beneficial to all people, but also exclusively beneficial to people suffering from sleeping disorders. 


Every company claims to be the best in what they do. We can’t blame them since they exert so much effort in every product they deliver. Although flaws are seen when put into the test they try to improve it and come up with a better one. To conclude, the best Top 10 Adjustable Beds are ones which suit your every need. Some people would like to pay extra for features such as massage and Wallhugger technology, whereas others don’t mind a basic type which simply lifts and drops. Whichever your preference and budget, you can’t go wrong with any of the models listed here.